General questions

How can I track the shipment of my order?

We will provide tracking number within 48 hours after we ship your order.


Will there be on-sale items out of stock occasionally?

Some of the on-sale items would be taken off the shelf when they are sold out.


Why does it take so long for the package to arrive?

It may happen during public holidays or other special occasions such as customs inspections.


How do you send the products to me? And how long would it take?

We will use different shipping couriers to ship the products depending on your location. The delivery time normally takes 5-20 working days.


Will I be charged with VAT or any other additional fees?

Usually it won’t. If it happens after all, please notice that VAT will be 10% – 15% of the product value according to your location.


I can’t able to pay online after making the order, what is the problem?

We recommend you browse with a desktop computer or try with another browser.


Other questions

How do I use Sonmol Choking Rescue Device in an emergency?

In a choking emergency, you should first call for medical help. While waiting for help to arrive, you can use the choking rescue device. Always follow the instructions provided with your device kit.


Can Sonmol Choking Rescue Device be self-administered?

Yes. If you are unable to breathe or cough effectively, and you’re alone, it may be necessary to use a choking rescue device on yourself. Place the face mask over your mouth and nose, ensuring a tight seal to allow for effective suction. Push the trigger to release suction power.


Can Sonmol Choking Rescue Device be used on people of all ages?

Yes for sure, all people older than 2 years old would be ok if used properly. We have 3 different masks that come with the kit. Choose the proper one to get the best effect.


Do you ship worldwide? And how long does shipping take?

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 days (and a little longer for Canada).

For the Rest of World it can take 10-15 days depending on location.

Your will get your tracking number both on our website and your paypal account within 2 business days.


Does it come with a warranty?

Sure we do. We offer a 1 year warranty on our device. contact for detail: [email protected]


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