What is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company whose products are used as components in another company’s product, called a Value Added Reseller (VAR). VARs work closely with OEMs, who often customize designs based on the VAR’s needs and specifications.

What is an original design manufacturing (ODM)?

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing, which is a type of contract manufacturing process. There is a contrast between OEM and ODM, but ODM is broader in scope. That is, OEMs are responsible for the manufacturing process, while ODMs primarily provide product development services and other product lifecycle services. The scope of these services depends on the capabilities of the ODM.


Sonmol Short Intro

Sonmol Medical started as an asthma patient management system in China with an experienced IT team for application management. Based on our management skills, we have invented a variety of medical devices for respiratory and nasal system management and enhancement.

Our Teams

We have bases in Shanghai, China, Chongqing, China and Delaware, USA.

Our team is structured to cover: medical device design, modules, modifications, final product packaging and promotion.

Our Goal

To improve the quality of life for people with respiratory issues.

Widely sold in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and regions since 2014.

Main Markets

Sonmol medical device markets

Product Line

Half Auto Choking Rescue Device
Half Auto Choking Rescue Device
Manual Choking Rescue Device
Manual Choking Rescue Device
Nasal Rinsing System
Nasal Rinsing System
Nasal Rinsing System Single Nozzle
Warm Steamer
Warm Steamer
Nasal Spray
Peak Flow Meter Pro
Peak Flow Meter
Respiratory Muscle Trainer With Manometer
Mucus Removal Device


Sonmol Patent and other certificates
Sonmol Patent and other certificates

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