Sonmol Choking Rescue Device a must have for every parent

Be Prepared for Choking Emergencies with Sonmol: A Must-Have for Every Parent Red Cross Heimlich

Introduction and Red Cross Heimlich

On average, one child chokes every five days in the United States, and more than 10,000 children are reportedly rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment for food choking each year, which make Red Cross Heimlich important.

If a child is choking, it is important to get immediate medical attention, as choking for more than four minutes can be life-threatening. The recommended response is usually the Heimlich maneuver and calling 911, but this is hardly reassuring to parents. This is the time to consider having an anti-choking device in your home. Anti-choking device, can be a Red Cross Heimlich device or Heimlich tool.

Understanding the Risks of Choking in Children and Elderly

Choking poses a significant risk for both young children and the elderly, with distinct vulnerabilities at different life stages. In children under the age of 5, the risk of choking is notably high, ranging between 10% to 20% among the deaths because of choking. This susceptibility is largely attributed to their developing motor skills, exploratory behavior, and limited ability to chew food. Parents and caregivers must be particularly vigilant during this phase, implementing preventive measures such as cutting food into small, manageable pieces and closely supervising mealtime activities.

The elderly, aged 65 years and older, face a substantial increase in the risk of choking, ranging from 55% to 60% among the deaths because of choking. This elevated risk can be attributed to age-related factors such as changes in muscle tone, reduced saliva production, and potential dental issues, all of which contribute to difficulties in swallowing. As individuals age, it becomes imperative for caregivers, healthcare providers, and family members to be aware of this heightened risk and take proactive steps to minimize choking hazards, including modifying dietary choices and ensuring a supportive eating environment.

Current Response Methods

Parents and caregivers are typically taught to administer firm back blows between the shoulder blades to dislodge the obstructing object.

Subsequent chest thrusts aim to create enough force to expel the foreign body and restore the child’s ability to breathe.

For more information about back blows, please

While these techniques are established and have proven effective, they present challenges for parents dealing with the stress and urgency of the situation.

The emotional strain and anxiety experienced during a choking incident can make it difficult for caregivers to execute these maneuvers with precision. Additionally, the physical strength required to perform effective back blows and chest thrusts may pose challenges for some individuals.

Recognizing these hurdles underscores the critical need for an efficient and user-friendly solution that empowers parents to respond swiftly and confidently in the face of a choking emergency. This is where innovative devices, such as the Sonmol anti-choking device, come into play, providing a reliable and accessible alternative for parents seeking to enhance their preparedness and response capabilities.

We also find a standard reaction for children choking from Young Sheldon. After the husband used back blows, the obstruction still hasn’t been caught out. The mother quickly calls 911 and asks George, the husband, to perform Heimlich, but what if George isn’t at home in that scene?

Introducing Sonmol Anti-Choking Device

The Sonmol Choking Rescue Device is pre-loaded. Its easy-to-use design means anyone can operate it, making it an essential tool for home or travel. Press the trigger and dislodge the obstruction with suction power. Repeat the procedure until the obstruction is dislodged.

Why Sonmol Stands Out

  • All the operator needs to do is place it correctly and press the trigger button.
  • The Choke Rescue Device provides safe, steady, strong pressure to aid choking rescue.
  • Provide help immediately or quickly. If the Heimlich maneuver fails and the care center is far away, consider other methods of dealing with a choking emergency before calling an ambulance.
  • Suitable for children and adults. Three sizes of masks. Adult: Ages 12+ Toddler: Ages 12 Mo-3 Child: Ages 3-12
  • It can be used for both self-rescue and home rescue.

FDA listed Medical Devices

Be Prepared for Choking Emergencies with Sonmol: A Must-Have for Every Parent

Add the Sonmol anti-choking device to your emergency preparedness kit

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