Choke Yourself? Avoid Choking and Get Proper First Aid If It Happens

Ever Choke Yourself? If you had that experience, you would know how dangerous it can be.

Attention to all: Avoid Choking and Get Proper First Aid If It Happens

Choking, known as Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO), can occur in people of all age groups at any time and anywhere in the world. It has become one of the leading causes of death globally. The risk is exceptionally high for elderly individuals with swallowing issues, while small objects or food particles, such as small toy pieces, consistently threaten toddlers. The blockage in the airway or throat stops oxygen flow to the lungs, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Choking is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation that can happen to anyone, especially young children. Choking occurs when an object blocks the airway and prevents breathing. To prevent choking accidents, mothers should prepare by following some safety tips and being ready to act in an emergency.


What is an Anti-Choking device?

A device equipped with masks and a vacuum body operates and provides the negative suction pressure. Press the trigger button to suction and clear blockages in the throat and airway. The suction will be efficiently supplied once the face masks are placed and well-sealed to the victim’s face and nose.

Are you ready for the Rescue?

The following are traditional rescue methods:

  • Back blows/back slaps disadvantage: Require the victim to a specific body position to cooperate with the Rescue—the possibility to make the obstruction deeper.
  • Heimlich maneuver: The rescue success rate is uncertain. It may cause injury. The physical restrictions may be the limitation to accepting the Rescue. It also requires the rescuer to have certain physical conditions.
  • Chest thrusts depend on the physical conditions of the rescuer and the victim.

Let’s figure out the best solution for choking first aid!

We hear your voices, we understand your needs:

 I feel helpless! I can do nothing before the ambulance comes! 

 Do we have enough time to wait for the rescue personnel if someone is choking? 

 I wish there were an alternative way to abdominal thrusts because I don’t have enough strength to carry out the Heimlich Maneuver!

 If I am choking and alone at home, what can I do?

 Is there an easy self-rescue method for my kids?

Everyone can be rescued by saving time and easing the rescue operation by using

Auto Triggering Anti-Choking Device


The one-way anti-airflow back valves are attached to prevent the air against the objects from going deeper. 

Provides both safety and efficient suction power for rescue.

The durability of 500+ uses enables pre-training.

The ease of operation is superior to the Heimlich Maneuver.

Portable, ensuring readiness for recovery.

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