Here is what you should know about Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) and rescuing for FBAO / Choking Suction. Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO), commonly known as choking, is hazardous. You will need to act quickly to save lives if it happens. Here are some symptoms that show a choking emergency and how to deal with choking.

What is FBAO?

Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO), commonly known as choking, is hazardous. It can occur in people of all age groups at any time and anywhere in the world. It has become one of the leading causes of death globally. The risk is exceptionally high for elderly individuals with swallowing issues, while small objects or food particles, such as small toy pieces, consistently threaten toddlers. The blockage in the airway or throat stops oxygen flow to the lungs, which can lead to fatal consequences. As we can see from the right part of the picture above, both the airway to the lungs and stomach are blocked with food and drink. In this situation, the victim may not be able to speak, swallow, or breathe. What symptoms may happen because of FBAO? The following symptoms may show completely blocked:
  • Sudden inability to speak while eating
  • Sudden inability to cough out anything while eating
  • He/She appears to be suffocating in pain
  • Hands struggling to hold the neck
  • Heavy face with a dark color
  • Unconsciousness  Block out

Who may easily get FBAO?

  1. First Group: Children
  2. Second Group: People with inadequate dentition
  3. Third Group: Adults / Elderly with Difficulty Swallowing or Dysphagia
  4. People who eat and talk;
  5. People who swallow too fast;
  6. People who are drunk and vomit;
  7. People with brain diseases;
  8. People with cerebrovascular disease;
  9. People with improper nasal feeding with reflux of stomach contents

About Rescuing FBAO

  • Heimlich Maneuver
The Heimlich maneuver is performed by wrapping your arms around a person, making a fist with one hand and clasping it with the other. You place your fists between the person’s ribcage and belly button and thrust your hands into their abdomen until the object is freed.

From Clevel and Clinic

  • Choking Rescue Devices

There are many choking rescue devices on the market. But none of them can be triggered with only one button. That means you may not be able to achieve the best results if you are choking alone and can’t get help in the first minutes from others. Sonmol Succeeded in inventing this and applied for a US patent.

Grab one here and be prepared for a Choking emergency. This is a device that you can use on your own and you can use for others once an emergency happens.


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