What Should You Know If Your Family Is Easily Choked or You Need Baby Mouth Cleaner

If your family is prone to choking, it’s important to know how to handle choking at home and in public places. Here are some safety measures that can help prevent choking before use any heimlich tool or baby mouth cleaner

  • Cut food into small pieces.
  • Chew food slowly and thoroughly, especially if wearing dentures.
  • Don’t laugh and talk while chewing and swallowing.
  • Don’t drink lots of alcohol before and during meals.

In case of choking, it’s important to act quickly and provide first aid. A series of back blows and under-the-diaphragm abdominal thrusts are advised for adults and children over age one year who are choking on a piece of food or a foreign object and are conscious 1. If the person is unconscious, use chest compressions. If you are trained on how to do it, perform CPR 2If you or no one else has been trained, just wait for help to arrive and call 911 2.

It’s also important to keep small objects such as marbles, beads, thumbtacks, latex balloons, coins, and other small toys and objects out of reach, particularly in children younger than 4 years old 1Supervise mealtimes with young children and prevent older siblings from giving a dangerous food or toy to a young child 1.

If you have any further concerns, please consult a medical professional.

If a choking emergency occurs, kindly call the ambulance first and try to use the Sonmol Anti-Choking Device as the instructions show.







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