Anti Choke Tips How to Use Sonmol Choking Rescue Device MFAC-08VA

Anti Choke Tips: Choking Rescue Device applies the principle of negative pressure suction to create an automatic vacuum environment that instantaneously extracts foreign matter from the throat and upper airway.

Various anti-choking devices are available on the market, and they all function similarly by providing suction to clear airway obstructions. However, the operator must apply pressure to these devices by pressing and pulling the handle, and if the operator is not in good physical condition, they may not be able to provide enough pressure to suck out the foreign matter. The advantage of this Choking Rescue Device is that all the operator needs to do place it correctly and press the trigger button. The Choking Rescue Device provides safe, steady, and powerful pressure to help with choking rescues.

If the Heimlich maneuver fails and care centers are far away, it can be considered an alternative way to deal with choking emergencies before called ambulance comes.



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